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Name: Ji
Age: 24?
Height: 5'4"/5'5"
Favorite color: Green
Favorite animal: Cat
Personality: Random, spontaneous, careless, violent, moody, amiable, short attention span, contemplative, quiet, lazy, stubborn, punky

Family: ?

History: She appeared at Miel one day and was hired immediately after executing her skills with creams and dough. Her madeleines and cakes are highly popular and often sell out before the day is out. She has been working there for a few months and is enjoying her days as the Master Pastry Artist. Though there are days when she would slip into reticence for unknown reasons much to her co-workers' dismay. It is known that she has past experience with playing in bands and has musical talent as well. Though what reasons she refuses to return to that area of her life is a mystery.

Profession: Maître Pâtissier @ Miel Pâtisserie
Specialty: Macarons & madeleines (and other small cakes)

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Name: Starla Ann Gatson
Age: 25
Height: 5'2"
Favorite color: Red
Favorite animal: Fox
Personality: Reasonable, responsible, mature, sarcastic, no-nonsense, quick-thinking, analytical, strong-willed, decisive, easily amused, loves comedy, extremely stylish

Family: Father, stepmother, younger stepbrother

History: Having separated parents, Starla grew up in two households between her father and mother. Her father remarried and she gained a stepmother and stepbrother, both of which are good to her. Her high school years were rocky and she opted for beauty school instead of college. Graduated from a cosmetology school full of catty females, she strives for her own salon at some point in her life. Having the flare for fashion and things concerning beauty, she works part time at a funky salon to nurture her creative side and part time at Miel as a favor to a family friend who owns the bakery. While she leads a busy life working two jobs, her goal of saving up enough to open her own salon are in a comfortable and obtainable distance.

Profession: Counter girl @ Miel Pâtisserie, part time hair stylist
Specialty: Coffee preparation

NOTE: "Starla Ann Gatson" is the original creation by M. Gann and has been allowed for use in the comic 'band girl' by Jennifer Taing